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Northwest Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

Why hire an experienced courtroom trial attorney for your accident or injury?

A personal injury accident in northwest Indiana can be life-changing. Recovering from the accident may require multiple surgeries, physical therapy and may even affect your ability to continue working. The best investment you can make is to enlist the help of an experienced Merrillville personal injury attorney. The right lawyer will not push you into accepting the first settlement offer but will advocate for you to secure a full financial recovery.

Fighting to Secure the Compensation You Deserve

Attorney Matthew D. LaTulip is passionate about fighting to protect his clients’ best interests. He has handled personal injury claims for more than 15 years and knows the tactics insurance adjusters use to undercut the amount of compensation accident victims are able to recover. Mr. LaTulip does not back down to aggressive insurance adjusters. He prepares his claims with enough evidence to help his clients secure the compensation they are entitled to for current and long-term expenses related to the personal injury accident. Contact us today to meet with a Merrillville personal injury lawyer who will not give up a fight.

Handling All Types of Personal Injury Claims

No two personal injury claims are the same. The type of injuries you sustained or the extent of medical care you will require could vary greatly. An insurance adjuster may try to rush you into accepting a quick settlement offer. However, you are an individual with unique medical and financial needs all because of someone else’s negligent actions. Someone else who may have been through a similar type of accident may have far different needs.

At The Law Offices of Matthew D. LaTulip, P.C., we believe you deserve to be treated as an individual — not as another claim number. We take every measure possible to fight back against settlement offers that fail to take into account our clients’ specific needs. From the onset, attorney Matt LaTulip will prepare your case with enough facts to pursue a favorable trial verdict. We will work with your doctor to understand the type of medical care you will need long-term as a result of the personal injury accident such as:

We may consult medical experts, vocational specialists and other industry-leading experts to understand the full amount of compensation you are entitled to today and long-term. Our comprehensive focus often prompts insurance adjusters to make full settlement offers knowing we are fully prepared to prove fault and take them on in trial. We will take every measure possible to secure the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Contact A Skilled Indiana Personal Injury Attorney

If you or your loved one was in a personal injury accident, settle for nothing less than experienced representation. Insurance adjusters are not focused on protecting your best interests, but we are. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation. Our law firm is conveniently located just south of the Methodist Hospital Southlake Campus.