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Specialized Driver’s License / Hardship License

Northwest Indiana Hardship Driver’s License Attorney

What is a petition for specialized driving privileges in Indiana? You can learn more here.

A court imposing a suspension of driving privileges may stay the suspension and grant specialized driving privileges. A person who has had their driving privileges suspended, may ask or petition the court for specialized driving privileges.

To file a petition a person must provide general information, and state the grounds for relief and the relief sought.

In either scenario, whether the suspension was handed down by a judge or the bureau, a person must petition for specialized driving privileges.

The petition must:

(1) be signed and verified by the driver;

(2) state the driver’s age, date of birth, and address;

(3) state why the driver is seeking specialized driving privileges;

(4) be filed in the county where the driver currently resides;

(5) be filed in a circuit or superior court in the county of the driver’s residence; and

(6) be served on the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the prosecuting attorney

The only drivers who may not petition for specialized driving privileges are below:

(1) those who have never had a valid Indiana driver’s license;

(2) those who hold a commercial driver’s license;

(3) those who have refused to submit to a chemical test;

(4) those who have been convicted for an offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle and causing the death of another person;

(5) those who have previously received a specialized driving privilege and who have more than one (1) conviction for violating the terms of those specialized driving privileges.

Once a driver has been granted specialized driving privileges, he or she must: 

  • maintain proof of future financial responsibility insurance during the period of specialized driving privileges;
  • carry a copy of the court order granting specialized driving privileges, or keep a copy of the order in the driver’s car (i.e., in the glove compartment);
  • produce a copy of the court order granting specialized driving privileges upon request by a police officer

Indiana’s new law on driving privileges started. What this means, is that people who were previously not eligible to obtain a hardship driver’s license may now be eligible to obtain driving privileges to go to church, court appointments, doctor appointments, school, shopping, probation appointments, and work etc… To do so you must petition the court for specialized driving privileges. Contact attorney Matthew D. LaTulip  TODAY to see if you qualify! 

Indiana’s Specialized Driving Privilege – You may now qualify for a Hardship Drivers License 

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