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7 Tips to Help Avoid Drunk Driving

7 Tips to Help Avoid Drunk Driving

DUI / DWI is one of the leading causes of auto accidents and deaths across the world. The best way to prevent drunk driving is prevention. Before you go on a drinking spree, it is advisable to know how you can make sure that you do not end up in a situation that can lead to disaster. Here are helpful pointers that will minimize the risks of driving under the influence.

Always eat well before you drink

Drinking on an empty stomach is a disaster waiting to happen. Literally! This is why you MUST eat before hitting the bottle. With no food in your belly, you will get drunk much faster. It is also not a great idea as far as your nutritional wellbeing is concerned. It can cause impaired judgment, nutritional deficits, poor concentration, and a host of other long-term severe ailments and health effects.

Set a limit

By using a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) calculator, you can effortlessly set a limit for alcohol consumption. It will help you establish the approximate amount of liquor you can safely drink and still stay under the lawful limit to drive. After doing this, make sure that you stick to your limit.

Pacing your drinks is a great idea

Do you know that pacing your alcoholic drinks can be the difference between being drunk and relatively sober? It is recommended that you avoid drinking more than a single alcoholic drink within an hour. Also, keep off the liquor for at least one hour before you get behind the wheel.

Water works wonders

Drinking water or non-alcoholic beverages between every alcoholic drink is highly recommended.

Carry just cash to the bar

Make sure that you only bring cash. That’s not all. Limit the cash you carry. It will greatly help your situation if you carry only enough cash to pay for the drinks you have set the limit at. Avoid bringing credit cards or lots of cash to the bar as this might tempt you to drink more than you had planned.

Keep off shots

If you must drink, avoid taking shots. Are you aware that the average alcohol level in a single shot of hard liquor is the same as a 12 oz. beer? Well, again, give shots a wide berth!

Always have a backup ride

It is a splendid idea to have a backup ride. You can do this by saving the contacts of a designated driver service or your cab company on your phone. Drink dulls your senses, so finding the number on your phone can prove difficult. To get around this hurdle, make sure that you save the number as ‘1 cab driver’. This will help you find the number easily.

 If you have been arrested for drunk driving, contact an experienced attorney

Being arrested for driving while drunk is a daunting and costly affair. If you ever find yourself faced with a DUI charge, having a skilled and accomplished lawyer by your side is the best gift you can give yourself.